What is henna?


Henna comes from a plant whose leaves contain dye molecules, called Lawsonia. When mixed into a henna paste and drawn onto the skin, these dye molecules stain the top layers of skin a reddish-brown color. The design then slowly fades away as the skin naturally exfoliates itself. The henna paste made from these leaves is completely natural and safe for your skin.


How long should I leave the paste on?


The paste will dry in about 15-20 minutes, but you should leave it on for a minimum of 4-6 hours. Bridal mehndi is left on overnight for the darkest stain possible. 


How long will the stain last?


The stain can last anywhere from one to three weeks, but the average stain will last 7-10 days. This depends on where the henna was applied, how long the paste was left on, body temperature, etc.


What can I do to make the stain darker?


Try to keep the area warm, blow drying it will help. Once the paste has dried, apply a lemon juice and sugar mix to seal the henna. If leaving it on overnight, wrap the paste with medical tape or gauze wrap. When taking off the paste, avoid using water and just flake it off into a trash can.